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How TCF works

We are in contact with people on the site who know the situations of the children and/or their families. By them TCF gets requests for support. Then the situation of the child or family is investigated. Always it’s about very urgent circumstances, with no other possibilities to get money. Because of the numbers of children and because of circumstances there we often get requests for support. We deal carefully. Our intermediary Dr. Tenzin Namdul, member of our board, advises about giving support and what kind of support is useful.

Not all children we support live in Dharamsala. They also live in other Tibetan refugee camps in India. Dr. Tenzin Namdul as physician for the Men-Tsee-Khang at Dharamsala regularly visits the different refugee camps. On one’s own account once a year Dutch members of the board and sponsors visit India to meet people and to see the local conditions.

Almost always we support by paying the school fee for a child. Often we do this directly, sometimes we give the money to a relative who feels responsible for the child.

The maximum we pay is now €.20,00 a month per child. That is sufficient for school, dressing, food and basic medical care.

The Tibetan Children’s Fund is not tied with Buddhism and also not with any Buddhist movement. Without concern for their religions we support Tibetan refugees. Naturally most of the Tibetans we have a regular contact with in Dharamsala are Buddhists.

By our Fund sponsors can support a child personally or anonymously. If a sponsor wants contact with the sponsored child we try to arrange this. The sponsor is supposed to stay in contact during a longer period (three years or more) to guarantee the support of the child during study. Both parties like it to have contact. For anonymous sponsors we look for a candidate to support.

By our newsletters sponsors stay informed about the children and about our work in India.

At the moment our Fund has about 25 donors, private persons and industries, most from The Netherlands, but also from the US. 33 Persons are supported with an amount of € 20,00 monthly. The Fund’s internal costs are under 1% of the amount we get from actions and donations.

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